The varieties listed in our catalogue have been carefully selected with the serious exhibitor and discerning gardener in mind.  As a former National Champion and exhibitor myself, I am only too aware of the need, not only for outstanding varieties, but also for top quality seed.  Our aim is to supply you with the best of both.

Each of the varieties listed are undoubtedly outstanding, We supply `Graded` or `Precision` seed wherever possible.  Such seed has a higher germination rate, greater vigour, and produces better uniformity in the resultant crop.

Whilst our main choice of varieties is of particular interest to exhibitors, we also stock the best varieties for the allotment grower and kitchen gardener.  We are constantly searching for brand new varieties to replace those discontinued by our suppliers.  We can assure you that none of the new varieties go into our catalogue until we have trialed them ourselves and are totally satisfied they are top garden performers and potential show winners.

The catalogue can be downloaded from this web site or you can request a hard copy by telephone or email to  Alternatively you can write to us at: Weston Barn, Chirbury, Shropshire SY15 6DA. Telephone 01938 535007




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